Here you find information on present developments around the whole field of natural swimming ponds.
The contributions are updated regularly. Presently they are only published in German.
International Organization for natural bathing waters (IOB)
At the 5th International swimming pond congress, 2009 hold in Meran, Italy, six national swimming pond groups came together to launch the IOB, International Organization for natural Bathing waters.
The IOB is acting as a federation of national groups from Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, France, Israel, Australia, Belgium and the bi-national organization for Spain and Portugal. The founding assembly elected as chairman Mr. Udo Schwarzer from the Iberian association.
IOB is an umbrella organization: eleven national swimming pond organizations are currently united to form the international federation. In 2012 IOB represents more than 400 individuals and companies that deal primarily with planning and construction of natural swimming pools.

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